Council tax

Council Tax

Council Tax is an annual charge made on residents to pay for services provided in their area. Although Hart District Council collects Council Tax, we pass nearly 90% of it on to Hampshire County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority and your local Parish Council. Here you can see the breakdown of each organisation’s charges.

The amount you pay depends on which valuation band your home is in (based on a market value of the property as at 1st April 1991).  The Valuation Office, a Government agency, set the banding independently of the Council. To find out what band your home is in visit the Valuation Office Agency website. The amount of Council Tax you pay may also depend on whether you qualify for for council tax support, a discount or an exemption.

New payment reminder service

In August 2019 a new Council Tax reminder service was introduced which alerts residents to any late payments of Council Tax. If a payment is overdue, residents can receive text messages, emails or voicemails reminding that the payment is overdue.

If residents are concerned about ‘Phishing’ attacks and want to check the validity of the messages received, then please call the Council Tax department on 01252 622122.

How to register for Council Tax

You can register for Council Tax by completing the online change of address form.

The Council Tax is worked out on a daily basis. If you move home you may stop being the liable person for your old property. You should inform us about your move so that we can make adjustments to your bill. This is very important if you are moving to a new council area as you may be eligible for a refund depending on how much you have already paid. You can do this by completing the online change of address form.

Please note that registering for Council Tax does not automatically register you to vote in elections. To register to vote please visit

Office for National Statistics Council Tax data sharing

 As of 13 February 2021, Hart District Council will provide individual council tax records to the Office for National Statistics for archiving, research and statistics. The Council is legally obliged to provide your personal information for this new purpose. 

Need some support? 

Connect to Support Hampshire has links to organisations that can help with a wide range of money-related issues including debt, emergency food and keeping your home warm. 

Worrying about money can make your mental health worse. Our Mental Health and Wellbeing page has links to useful websites, Apps, helplines, and local support services for children, young people and adults. If you can’t find what you need, you could try the Mental Wellbeing Hampshire website. 

Hart Employment and Skills Hub offers tailored support to help Hart residents into work or training. 

How to contact Council Tax


Phone 01252 622122

Write  Hart District Council Revenues Section, PO Box 227,  Erith, DA8 9GX