Council Tax Support

Help to pay your Council Tax if you are on a low income or receive benefits

Council Tax Support is a scheme to reduce Council Tax bills for people on a low income and/or who receive benefits.

You can apply whether you are in or out of work. Homeowners can also get this help, regardless of the value of your home.

To qualify for Council Tax Support:

  • you must be liable for Council Tax
  • you are on a low income
  • your savings must not exceed £16,000

Your award is generally credited directly to your Council Tax bill.

You can use our benefits calculator to get an estimate of how much you may be entitled to.

Benefits calculator

How much will I receive?

How much Council Tax Support you are entitled to depends on:

  • your household income
  • childcare costs
  • the amount of capital or savings you have
  • the number of people in the household and their ages
  • if anyone in your household is disabled or is a carer
  • the number of “grown up” children in the household (known as non-dependants)

A non-dependant is someone aged 18 or over, who normally lives with you but who are not dependent on you for financial support. They are expected to pay something towards your housing costs. The person may be a:

  • relative
  • friend
  • a child for whom you no longer get child benefit           

Please note your benefit will be reduced even if the people living with you do not contribute to your housing costs.

We will not make any non-dependant reduction if they:

  • receive Attendance Allowance
  • receive the care component of the Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payment
  • are registered blind
  • are a pensioner or in receipt of Guarantee Pension Credit

Apply for Council Tax Support

Always claim as soon as you need help paying your Council Tax – Council Tax Support is normally awarded from the Monday following the date you first contact us.

Apply for Council Tax Support

You will need to provide evidence. You can find out what evidence is needed in our Standards of evidence guide.

Your Council Tax Support will be deducted from your Council Tax bill - we will send you an amended bill showing your revised payments (if any) from the date of your claim to the end of the financial year.

You won't need to claim Council Tax Support each year. However, you must let us know immediately if any of your circumstances change as this could affect the amount of Council Tax Support you are entitled to.

Tell us about a change in circumstances

How the payment is calculated


Effective 1 April 2023:

Non-dependant deductions for Council Tax Support – gross weekly income of non-dependant

Weekly deduction (£)

In receipt of Pension Credit, Income Support, Jobseekers Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance


Aged 18 and over with no income


Aged 18 and over working less than 16 hours per week


Aged 18 and over working 16 hours per week or more:


Less than £236 per week


Between £236 and £409.99 per week


Between £410 and £510.99 per week


Over £511 per week


Council Tax Support Reduction Scheme

View the Council Tax Support Reduction Scheme regulations.