Planning applications

View and comment on planning applications

All current applications (and the majority of applications since 1995) can be viewed online. You can see application details, download documents, submit comments (you will need to register or login first) and see other comments that have been made.

Making an Application

It is often easier and quicker to apply via the Planning Portal. It will provide guidance along the way and help you use the correct form.

Most applications require a fee, please use the fee calculator or download the full list to find out how much you need to pay. There are certain applications that are free, these include applications for listed buildings and 'free gos'.

The Council has adopted a new Local Requirements List as of the 16th November. Before submitting your planning application, please refer to the following for more details on what is required:

Please note that if you are proposing to submit an application involving additional new homes, the Council has issued new guidance on the need to provide for mitigation in relation to the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area. This should be read in conjunction with the existing Thames Basin Heaths Interim Avoidance Strategy.

Application forms can also be downloaded from the links below:

Planning Application Form

Householder Applications

Planning permission

Planning permission and listed building consent

Alterations to windows and / or doors

Applications for Full Planning Permission

Planning permission (including change of use)

Planning permission and listed building consent

Planning permission and express advertisement consent

Applications for Outline Planning Permission

Outline planning permission with some matters reserved

Outline planning permission with all matters reserved

Applications for Approval of Reserved matters

Approval of reserved matters

Applications for Listed Building Consent

Listed building consent

Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Works to a Listed Building

Applications for Express Advertisement Consent

Express advertisement consent

Applications relating to conditions

Details pursuant to condition(s) on a planning permission or listed building consent

Variation or removal of condition(s) on a planning permission or listed building consent

Applications for a Non-Material Minor Amendment

Non-material minor amendment

Applications for Prior Notification

Householder Works

Offices to Dwellings

Agricultural to Commercial

State Funded School

Agricultural or forestry works – fish tank/cage


Telecommunications Code Operators

Agricultural or forestry works – proposed building

Agricultural or forestry works – proposed road

Agricultural or forestry works – proposed excavation/waste

Tree and Hedgerow Works

Works to tree protected by a tree preservation order or other trees in conservation area

Works to protected hedgerow

Applications for a Lawful Development Certificate

Applications for a certificate in respect of an existing use, operation or breach of condition

Application for a certificate relating to a proposed matter

How to contact Planning:


Phone: 01252 774419