Viewing and commenting on applications

How to view, comment or object to a planning application

You can view current applications (as well as most past applications since 1998) through our planning online service.

View planning applications

You can see the application details, download documents and submit comments

Guidance on making a comment

If you wish to make comments on a planning application, they must deal with issues relating to planning law, which exists to control development and use of land in the public interest. These include:

  • local planning policies
  • the effect on the street or area
  • design appearance and materials
  • traffic generation and safety
  • noise and disturbance
  • government advice
  • size, layout and density of buildings
  • adequacy of parking
  • overlooking and loss of privacy
  • ground contamination

The planning system does not exist to protect the private interests of one person against the activities of another. It can be difficult to distinguish between public and private interests, but this may be necessary on occasion.

The basic question is not whether owners and occupiers of neighbouring properties would experience financial or other loss from a particular development, but whether the proposal would unacceptably affect amenities and the existing use of land and buildings which ought to be protected in the public interest, Therefore, certain issues are not covered by planning law and cannot be taken into account.

These include:

  • structural stability and fire precautions
  • loss of property value
  • disturbance from construction works
  • competition
  • land and boundary disputes
  • property maintenance issues
  • need for development except in certain defined circumstances
  • private rights of way
  • matters covered by leases or covenants
  • ownership rights
  • private issues about drains
  • the identity or personal characteristics of the applicant
  • loss of view

How long do I have to make comments?

It is important that you send us your comments as soon as possible. If they are received outside the time limit, you will miss the opportunity to have them taken into account. Please also note that they cannot be treated in confidence and will be available to the public.

Can I discuss the application?

If you are concerned about the proposal or need clarification before writing, you can talk to the case planning officer. Your local district councillor will also be able to listen to your views but will not be able to discuss the merits of the case with you as this may prevent them speaking about the application if it is to be dealt with at a committee.

Details of your councillor can be found on our district councillor page or you can contact Planning Services on 01252 774419 or email:

What will happen to my comments?

Any comments you make within the set time limits will be taken into account in reaching a decision. However, planning staff and councillors have to consider every aspect of the application and all relevant issues and the final decision may be contrary to your views.

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