Local land charges

You'll need to complete a local land charge search to buy or remortgage property or land

Local land charges are financial charges or restrictions/prohibitions on a piece of land which is binding on successive owners or occupiers.

The common types of local land charges include:

  • conditions imposed in a planning permission
  • conservation areas made after 1974
  • Article 4 directions
  • light obstruction notices
  • listed buildings
  • smoke control orders

Anyone buying or remortgaging a property or land will need to complete a local land charges search. The Local Land Charges department will provide information to your solicitor or conveyancer as part of the sales process.

Searches are currently being returned within 8-10 working days from acceptance.

Land Registry

Questions about land ownership or property boundaries are answered by the Land Registry. You can find out more about Land Registry Charges on gov.uk.