Local land charges

Types of search

There are two main types of search:

  • official local authority search – this is carried out by us. These are often submitted by your solicitor or conveyancer, but an individual can also request one.
  • personal search – this is often carried out by a personal search agent, but anyone can do it.

Local authority search

This is made up of three parts:

  • Form LLC1: This request is a search of the Local Land Charges Register. It shows any charges affecting the land or property, such as planning decisions and tree preservation orders, and details of any money owed to the Council by previous owners.
  • Form CON29: This search is a set of standard enquires which allows potential buyers to find out specific information about a property. It provides information on items in existence as well as any future actions that might influence a purchaser, for instance road widening proposals, road humps and parking restrictions.
  • Form CON29O: These enquiries are optional as the question might not be relevant to every case. They include matters relating to pipelines, houses of multiple occupancy and common land.

You can submit these forms separately or combined in any order.