Local land charges

How to apply for a search

The forms are only available through third party suppliers. These suppliers are listed on the Law Society website:

Searches can be submitted:

If you submit by email to the Hart Local Land Charges department, please ensure the official forms are accompanied by an Ordnance Survey or Land Registry location plan with the property in question clearly outlined in red.

You can also identify any roadways, footpaths and footways that are relevant to the search (subject to a maximum of three roads). Please tell us the road name, or, if unnamed, identify them by colouring or hatching on the plan.


For a list of all of our charges, please see the Local Land Charges fees sheet

Payments can be made through our online payment portal (please specify the search address in the address field).

Please only make the payment online once you have received an email confirming the search has been checked and we are able to proceed. The email will also confirm the fee payable. Search results will be returned electronically.