Local land charges

Personal search

Hart has an online portal available to help access the Local Land Charges Register. It makes finding most Local Land Charges quicker and easier by showing entries on a map, and it also includes a range of useful search and sorting functions.

Our Land Charges Portal

Unfortunately, we are unable to ensure the portal is a complete copy of the Local Land Charges Register. The portal therefore must not be relied upon on its own to conduct a Local Land Charges search within Hart district. Hart cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information held on the portal alone and you should take adequate precautions if you wish to rely on the information.

If you are a Personal Search Agent, you may want to use Hart’s online planning portal  and mapping system to verify and cross-reference your results. Please read the user guide first.

If you are still uncertain about anything that does, or does not appear on a search, please contact the Local Land Charges team for further assistance.