Street naming and numbering

How we name and number streets and applying to change the name of your home

We are responsible for naming and numbering the streets in Hart.

Please see our street naming and numbering policy for more information about this.

Changing the name of your property

To ask about changing the name of your property, please email

We charge a fee for this service – please see fees below.

Help with an incorrect or unknown address

You may be unsure of your correct address – perhaps because you are buying or renting a new-build property. Please contact our street naming and numbering officer for advice on 01252 774154 or email


Royal Mail is responsible for allocating postcodes once we have notified them of a new postal address. More information on how this is processed is on the Royal Mail website.

Land Registry

HM Land Registry holds information on all registered land within Hart. Contact them on 01305 363636 or visit the Land Registry website.

Damaged or missing street signs

We are responsible for putting up, repairing, maintaining and replacing street name plates. You can report a damaged or missing street sign by emailing

On new developments, the developer is responsible for putting up street signs.

All other signs associated with highways are the responsibility of Hampshire County Council.

Street naming and numbering fees

Existing development

Renumbering, naming or re-naming a property: £55

Renaming a street: £270

New development

First plot: £190

Each additional plot (up to 20): £40

Each additional plot (plots 21 and above): £20

Naming a street 

Free of charge for first one.                                      

We will charge the same rates as above for each subsequent change made before a new development is completed.

Pay online