Conservation and listed buildings

Find out more about conservation in Hart and how we protect our heritage

Conservation areas, listed buildings and other special sites are known collectively as heritage assets.

What is a conservation area?

We have 32 conservation areas in Hart. They are areas of special architectural or historic interest, which we have a duty to preserve or improve.

You can check if you live in one of Hart's conservation areas, or use our online mapping service to view conservation areas near you.

We issue a proposal statement for each conservation area. This is a strategy to guide proposals to develop and enhance the area.

People who live in Hart can get involved in conservation area monitoring groups. These guide how the strategies are put into practice.

Article 4 directions

We may limit development in conservation areas by issuing an Article 4 direction. They allow for closer monitoring of development within conservation areas and may also restrict some types of development.

This means you might need to make a planning application for building work, when in another area you would not for the same work. The areas covered are listed in the Article 4 directions document.

Some Article 4 directions not covered in the above document are listed below.

Land at Mill Lane:

168 High Street, Odiham:

Listed buildings

We have over 1,000 listed buildings in Hart. They are buildings recognised by Historic England for their special architectural or historical interest. They include a wide range of architectural styles and types of construction.

You can find out if a building is listed at Historic England's National Heritage List for England, or use our online mapping service to view listed buildings in Hart.

The Historic England website also offers guidance about owning a historic home.

Making changes to a listed building or other heritage asset

It is a criminal offence to carry out work which needs listed building consent without first obtaining permission.

You will require listed building consent for most work that would alter the character of a listed building, so please assume you have to apply for consent.

Please note you will be required to submit a heritage statement as part of your application.

We also offer a pre-application advice service and guidance on making changes to domestic listed buildings.

Pre-application advice request online form