Recent election results

General Election 8 June 2017

County Council Election 4 May 2017

Upcoming elections 

There will be District and Parish elections in May 2018.

Where do I vote?

Find your polling station for the next election. This takes you to an external organisation who are responsible for the information provided.


If you have already registered to vote in the County Council Election, and are living at the same address, you do not need to register to vote again for the General Election.

You can only vote at an election or referendum if you are on the electoral register. To register to vote, or update your details (if you move for example), visit www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

If you are unable to vote at a polling station, you can also apply for either a postal vote or for a proxy vote (where somebody votes on your behalf).

You can 'opt out' of the open register at any stage by emailing your name and address to elections@hart.gov.uk

Please note that even if you are paying Council Tax, you still need to register to vote.  Registering for one will NOT automatically register you for the other.

Useful information for Candidates

If you are planning to stand as a Candidate in the North East Hampshire Parliamentary Constituency or act as an Agent for a Candidate, please contact us urgently.

Please click on the link for a schedule of Parish Elections.

Guidance for Candidates (Parish) - The primary source of information for candidates is the Electoral Commission.

Guidance of Candidates (District) - The primary source of information for candidates is the Electoral Commission.

Guidance for Candidates (General) - The primary source of information for candidates is the Electoral Commission.

Candidate expenses

View a list of Eligible Elector Totals for the County Elections being held on 4 May 2017.

Please check the expenses formula included in legislation to check your figures.

For Candidates at the General Election in North East Hampshire Constituency:
- Eligible Electorate as of 8th May 2017: 74,292
- Expenditure per elector is 9p
- Base amount: £8,700
- Total expenditure: £15,386.28

Neighbourhood Planning Referendums

You can find more information about Neighbourhood Planning Referendums here.

Fleet Bid

A postal ballot in relation to the setting up of a Fleet Business Improvement District was held in March 2017, for further information see our Fleet BID webpage.

Who is your Councillor?

Find out who your local councillors are by entering your postcode or see the full list of District Councillors.

How to contact Electoral and Registration Services

Email: elections@hart.gov.uk 

Phone: 01252 774077

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