Street trading

You need to apply to us for a licence if you want to sell items in the street, including food and living creatures

Street traders sell items in public outdoor areas.

This includes food such as burgers, kebabs and ice creams. It may also include living creatures.

  • you must apply to us for street trading consent if you want to sell items in this way
  • you may also need our consent to trade on private land, so please check first with our licensing team

If you want to sell food, you must be registered with us as a food business.

You must also have a valid food safety certificate.

If you plan to provide hot drinks or hot food between 11pm and 5am, you will also need a premises licence from us.

If we grant street trading consent, you should check any conditions attached to the consent.

Please note, if you want to have tables, chairs and other items outside your business premises you need to apply for a pavement licence.

View our policy on street trading