Street trading

Select a pitch before you apply

You need to choose a suitable pitch before applying for street trading consent. A pitch is the fixed place where you will trade.

This must comply with our policy on street trading.

Please note, we don’t hold a list of available trading pitches or a waiting list for existing pitches.

Your pitch must:

  • be safe for anyone arriving on foot or by vehicle (including those with disabilities)
  • comply with highway regulations
  • have suitable parking spaces for customers and the trading vehicle
  • be suitably lit (if trading after dark) so it can be clearly seen and is safe to use
  • be more than 800 metres from another street trader selling similar goods and trading at the same time
  • allow unrestricted access for emergency vehicles
  • have a safety barrier, a verge or a footpath between your pitch and any nearby road
  • leave clear any parking spaces used by residents or businesses
  • not cause a disturbance, damage, interference, annoyance, inconvenience (e.g. noise nuisance, litter, odour etc.) to local residents or businesses