Your home

Your Home

In this section residents can find out information relating to their homes. 

Dealing with damp and mould in your property

Condensation happens when water from inside the house settles on some colder surfaces. This can happen at any time of the year. The Private Sector Housing team at Hart District Council often receive calls from residents that are experiencing problems with damp and mould in their home.

There are many common causes of condensation in homes. Washing, cooking, bathing and even drying clothes can cause condensation. If our officers are asked to visit these homes, in the vast majority of cases the problems are identified as a condensation issue, as a result of everyday actions of the occupiers, rather than major structural problems requiring repairs.

You can read more in our leaflet is your home damp,  with lots of simple ways to minimise condensation in the home, which in the majority of cases will resolve your problems. If you put this guidance into practice and problems still persist, please contact the Private Sector Housing team telephone 01252 774420 who will be pleased to advise you further.

Below lists some different schemes supported by Hart District Council to make improvements to your home. For more information read our Private Sector Housing Renewal Policy.

South East Water assistance 

South East water offer a range of services to help customers during their time of need, from assistance with paying their water bill to water related emergencies.