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Houses in multiple occupation

View our register of houses in multiple occupation, explore safety rules and guidance and pay fees

A house in multiple occupation is a property rented out to at least three people.

They are not from the same household and share areas like the bathroom and kitchen. It is sometimes called a ‘house share’.

Higher standards of safety and management apply than to typical family homes. You may have to apply to us for a licence if you rent out a property as a house in multiple occupation to five or more people.

View register of houses in multiple occupation (HMO)

For more information on how to apply for a licence, contact our private sector housing team on 01252 774420 or email

List of fees for licences for houses in multiple occupation

Item 2022/2023
Gross charge
Gross charge
from 1 April 
Licence for 5 persons £729 £802
Licence 6-10 persons £915 £1,007
Licence 11-15 persons £1,096 £1,206
Licence 6-20 persons £1,277 £1,405
Licence 21+ persons £1,457 £1,603
HMO licence variations  £0 £0
Licence renewal for 5 persons £560 £616
Licence renewal 6-10 persons £704 £774
Licence renewal 11-15 persons £843 £927
Licence renewal 16-20 persons £981 £1,079
Licence renewal 21+ persons £1,120 £1,232

Pay fees for houses in multiple occupation

You get a 10% reduction if you are a member of the National Landlords Association and any other association affiliated to the National Federation of Residential Landlords.

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