Waste: Black bin

Your black bin should be used for non-recyclable household waste

Your black bin for household waste is emptied once every two weeks.

You will need to put your bin out at the point nearest to the public highway where the collection vehicle stops, such as the end of a path or driveway where it joins the public highway. This could be the pavement or road. Collections are from:

  • 6:30am, September to April
  • 6am, May to August

If you think your bin has been missed, you should contact the Waste team within 48 hours of your planned collection date. 

Report a missed bin

To find out your collection day, please go to: 

When is my bin day?

We will not empty bins containing garden waste or remove any excess rubbish. All bagged waste must be contained within the bin and the lid fully closed.

If you have excess waste for the black bin, check if any of it can be recycled. If you regularly have extra recycling you can buy an additional blue bin.

Buy a new, replacement or additional bin

Keeping your bin clean

During the hot summer months, fly eggs can turn into maggots in as little as eight hours and become a pest in and around bins. To prevent this, ensure waste is double wrapped and all bin liners tied securely. Keep your bin clean and spray detergent around the lid.