Small electricals collection

Find out more about the rollout of kerbside collections for small electricals

A quarter of households in Hart have been invited to use the new kerbside collection service for small electricals from 29 January. These residents can leave small electricals out on top of their waste or recycling bin to be collected for recycling. If this service is available for your home you will have received a letter. 

By early summer all households will have been invited to use the service. We will write to you to let you know your start date. 


Electrical items that contain batteries pose a serious fire risk IN your waste or recycling bin. Discarded electrical items are also one of the world’s fastest growing waste streams. When you recycle your old electricals, you’re giving a new lease of life to valuable materials hidden within.


You can leave out any small electrical items with a plug, battery or cable that fit in a standard carrier bag, for example: 

  • kettles and small toasters 
  • hair dryers and hand blenders 
  • cables and phones 
  • vapes and e-cigarettes 
  • fairy lights and small toys

Vapes and E-cigarettes

These are included in the collection and must never be placed in litter, waste or recycling bins.


This collection is not for loose batteries as they can already be taken back to shops where they are sold.  All supermarkets have a container within store for the recycling of batteries.

Bigger electricals

We cannot take any items bigger than those listed above. 

If you have larger broken electrical items you have a few options: 

  1. book a bulky waste collection online  
  2. take your items to a Household Waste Recycling Centre to be recycled. To find your nearest one and book a slot visit or call 0300 5551389 
  3. search ‘Recycle your electricals’ online for more information.

Is your item reusable? If your item is working why not give it away instead? Facebook groups such as Freebay for Fleet & Surrounding Areas are great for donating unwanted items. Fleet Lions Community Store will also take donation of working household appliances.