Brownfield land register

Hart's register of brownfield land suitable for residential development

Brownfield land is land that has previously been developed. We hold a register of brownfield sites in Hart that are available and potentially suitable for housing development. The register was updated in December 2023.

The sites must meet specific criteria:

  • a site area of at least 0.25 hectares or capable of supporting at least 5 dwellings
  • is suitable for residential development
  • is available for residential development
  • residential development of the land is achievable within 15 years of entry onto the register

View the register and interactive online mapping

This data has been provided under the open government licence.

You can find more information at the government’s brownfield land registers webpage.

Submitting a site for the register

We update the brownfield land register at least once a year.

To submit a site for consideration, please contact us at or call 01252 774419.

You will need to send us:

  • a plan showing the site's boundaries
  • information about the site, including its current use
  • why you think it meets the brownfield land criteria for inclusion

You can submit sites for consideration at any time. They will be considered when we next update the register.

The brownfield land register is a public document. Therefore, the details of any sites included are treated as public information. Personal data will not be published.