Planning applications

How to submit your planning application and what it will cost

It is often easier and quicker to apply via the planning portal. It will provide guidance along the way and help you use the correct form.

Most applications require a fee. Please use the fee calculator or view the planning fee list to find out how much you need to pay.

Some applications are free; these include applications for listed building consent.

Before submitting your planning application, please refer to the following:

If you propose to submit an application involving new homes, we have issued guidance on the need to provide for mitigation in relation to the Thames Basin Heaths special protection area.

The Council is part of the NatureSpace District Licensing Scheme for great crested newts, approved by Natural England, through which great crested newt mitigation can be assessed and implemented. If you need to use the district licence, you must apply before or during the planning process.

All types of application forms can also be downloaded from the planning portal website