Planning enforcement

What we can and can't deal with

Issues we can deal with

  • unauthorised building works
  • unauthorised change of use
  • unauthorised works to listed buildings
  • unauthorised demolition in conservation areas
  • unauthorised works to trees covered by a tree preservation order or within a conservation area
  • works not being carried out in accordance with the approved plans
  • breaches of planning conditions
  • unauthorised advertisements
  • untidy sites (beyond what you would expect for an activity of that type)

Issues we can’t deal with

  • works that do not require planning permission
  • minerals and waste planning enforcement matters (these are dealt with by Hampshire County Council)
  • works that have not yet started (except in exceptional circumstances where a serious breach can be prevented)
  • boundary disputes
  • obstruction of a highway or public footpath (this is dealt with by Hampshire County Council)
  • advertisements on the highway or on street furniture (these are dealt with by Hampshire County Council)
  • enforcement of deeds or covenants (these are enforced by the landowner or other person benefiting from the covenant)
  • fly-tipping (this is dealt with by the Council’s Street Cleaning service)
  • noise issues (this is dealt with by the Council’s Environmental Health Team, unless a condition attached to a planning permission restricting noise levels is being breached)
  • anonymous complaints unless they are of a very serious nature, and it is in the public interest to do so