Low-cost home ownership

Discount market sales

There are currently no discount market sales homes within Hart.

When available, these properties are sold at below market value, usually with a discount of between 20% and 30% off the full market value. You buy the property at the discounted price and own the entire property. Unlike shared ownership, you do not have to pay rent on a remaining share of the property. 

When you come to sell the discounted property, the saving is passed on to the next buyer, so the property remains affordable.  

All the details about the discount market homes will be set out in a legal agreement called a S106. Your solicitor can explain how this works now and when/if you eventually sell. 

Site developers advertise discounted market homes. You should ask about them at the site sales office. Occasionally, a seller will advertise an existing discounted market home through an estate agent. Property adverts will explain that the home is being sold under the discount market sale scheme.