Household waste

Household waste

All household waste collections are made from the kerbside outside your property. Collections can take place anytime between 6.30am and 6pm.

Visit My Area to find out when your collections take place. You need to enter your postcode and select your address. Then your next bin collection dates will show below the map. From there you can view a bin collection calendar.

Have you lost a bin? If you have lost or would like to buy additional bins, you can view our wheeled bin price list. Please call us on 01252 622122 to discuss your needs further.  All new bins and boxes are delivered within 10-working days from the point of order.

During the hot summer months files and maggots can become a pest and cause bins to become unpleasant for residents. Here you can find our fact sheet on flies and maggots in household waste bins.

Black waste bin

  • Use your black bin for household waste.  

  • All waste should be contained within the bin. 

  • Additional waste is only taken on your first collection after Christmas.

  • Bins containing garden waste will not be collected.

Sharps boxes & clinical waste collections

This is a free service to collect clinical waste and sharp instruments (for example needles and scalpels) and dispose of these safely.

Your GP or other healthcare professional will have a Clinical Waste Referral Form which they must submit to us and then we will contact you to let you know what to do.

Orange sacks and/or yellow sharps boxes will be supplied for you to use. The service can be weekly collections or ad-hoc collections depending on the waste type. This information will be provided to us by your health practitioner via your referral form.

Healthcare waste must not be put in with normal household waste; however, incontinence waste and babies’ nappies can be double-bagged and placed in your normal household waste bin.

 Bulky waste collections 

All items should be together outside by 6.30am, ​within the boundary of your property, ​as close to the edge as possible (not the public highway/footpath) ​so they are easily accessible for our crews.

We can collect bulky items/white goods for a charge (Listed below). 

The council can collect bulky household refuse such as old furniture, sofas, washing machines, cookers and carpets.

Book your bulky waste collection online or if you have any white goods, please call 01252 622122 to book your collection.

Charges for the service are listed in the table below and are valid until 1 April 2023:

1 item 2 items 3 items 4 items 5 items 6 items 7 items 8 items
£41 £53 £64 £73 £97 £121 £134 £153

Cancellation charges: 

£10.00 if you cancel the service prior to the 3 working days before the collection date.

£20.00 if you cancel the service within the 3 working days before the collection date.

Certain items may be charged as more than a single item due to the size or weight.

We cannot collect items containing glass panels.  Here is the list of items we can and cannot collect.

Free collections to charities

Please note that some charities will collect some bulky waste items for free, so it is worth checking on their website or contacting them directly if you wish to donate your items. Some useful links for free furniture collections include:
Fleet Lions Community furniture store
Basingstoke Community Furniture Project 
Salvation Army Furniture collection