Our two stage complaints process

Informal stage

Before you reach the formal stage, we’d encourage you to go direct to the staff member or department you have been dealing with. We would like to know about the issue within 28 days.

We will investigate your issue and try to resolve it. If we can’t resolve it, you can go to Stage 1 of the formal complaints procedure.

Sometimes a complaint might not be the best way to put things right. Complaints are different from a request for one of our services. For example, if we have missed your bin off the regular collection, this is a request for a service. If we miss it often, it is likely to be a complaint.

For complaints about Hart and Frogmore Leisure Centres, the process is slightly different. Contact the manager at the centre and raise the issue with them. They will consider any issue or Stage 1 complaint you may have. To raise an issue, visit them at the centre, or use the Everyone Active feedback form.

Services provided by town and parish councils or Hampshire County Council have their own complaints policies.