What can you do with your information?

Your rights to automated decision-making including profiling

You can ask to have any computer-made decisions explained to you, and details of how we may have risk profiled you, although this is unlikely to apply to services you receive from the Council.

You have the right to question decisions made about you by a computer, unless it’s required for any contract you have entered into, required by law, or you have consented to it.

You also have the right to object if you are being ‘profiled’. Profiling is defined by more than just the collection of personal data; it is the use of that data to evaluate certain aspects related to you. The purpose is to predict your behaviour and take decisions regarding it.

If you have concerns regarding automated decision-making or profiling, please contact the Data Protection Officer who will be able to advise you about how we’re using your information. Email data.protection@hart.gov.uk or call 01252 622122 and ask to speak to the Data Protection Officer.