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Making an application

Thank you for your interest in applying to work at Hart District Council. It is important you read all the information on this page before applying.

  • make sure you read the information about the vacancy on our current vacancies page, and prepare what you are going to write before you begin
  • follow the step-by-step guidance on the webform and provide all information and documents requested 
  • only provide the name you'd like us to use and your email address. Don't include any personal information that would identify you at this stage. This is to help us treat all applications equally.

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Privacy notice and declaration

The personal information which you have supplied will be stored electronically and used for purpose of recruiting to the post being applied for. The legal basis for processing in this way is contractual. Please only provide the requested personal information at this stage, if you are successful in being shortlisted, further information will be required at that point. We will not share your information with anyone outside of the organisation who are involved recruitment process. We will use your email address to correspond with you throughout the recruitment process. If you are successful in your application, your personal information will be stored electronically in Hart District Council's HR system for the length of your employment and the subsequent retention period. Unsuccessful applications will be held for no more than 6 months.

By submitting this application I declare it to be true and correct. If it is found that I have provided false or misleading information during the recruitment process, I understand that any offer of employment may be withdrawn, or if I am subsequently employed, I may be dismissed. I authorise Hart District Council to inquire into my educational, professional and past employment history and references as needed to research my suitability for this position. I hereby give my consent to any former employer to provide employment related information about me to Hart District Council. I also understand that Hart District Council has the right to require further information as part of the application process and may decline to proceed with any appointment, without this information being provided.