Recycling: Blue bin

Your blue bin is for recyclable materials. Here you can find a range of useful information about recycling

Your blue recycling bin is emptied once every two weeks.

You will need to put your bin out at the point nearest to the public highway where the collection vehicle stops, such as the end of a path or driveway. Collections are from:

  • 6:30am, September to April
  • 6am, May to August

If you think your bin has been missed, you should contact the Waste team within 48 hours of your planned collection date. 

Report a missed bin

You can find out your collection day by going to:

When is my bin day?

Your blue recycling bin is for clean and dry:

  • paper and cardboard (not shredded)
  • plastic bottles
  • tins, cans and empty aerosols

Please make sure these items are loose and not in bags.

Please don’t recycle these items in your blue bin:

  • plastic pots, tubs, trays, film and packaging
  • polystyrene
  • textiles
  • electrical items or batteries
  • food waste
  • dirty cardboard such as pizza boxes
  • shredded paper or card

If in doubt, leave it out.

Charitable recycling

Charity shops around the district will take good quality items they are able to resell. If you have items you are intending to take to charity shops please ensure they are open and accepting donations; do not leave them outside the shop.  

There are also a number of recycling sites where clothes and shoe banks can be found. These banks are owned and emptied by charities. 

Read our full list of recycling sites and their locations.