Garden waste: Green bin

Find out how to sign up for or renew a garden waste collection

Collections are fortnightly and the subscription pays for 25 collections. There is a two-week break in the service over Christmas and New Year.

You will need to put your garden waste out at the point nearest to the public highway where the collection vehicle stops, such as the end of a path or driveway. Collections are from:

  • 6:30am, September to April
  • 6am, May to August

If you think your bin has been missed, you should contact the Waste team within 48 hours of your planned collection date. 

Sign up for garden waste collections

There are two bin sizes available and you can have as many garden waste bins as you need. From 1 April 2023, bins are £40 to buy and then there is an annual subscription fee:

  • small wheelie bin (140 litres) - £55
  • large wheelie bin (240 litres) - £80
  • concessionary rate for small wheelie bin (140 litres) - £29
  • concessionary rate for large wheelie bin (240 litres) - £54

Concessionary rates are available to those in receipt of Council Tax and/or housing benefits.

Sign up for garden waste collections

Renew your subscription

Our system generates renewal reminders four weeks prior to renewal dates, so you only need to renew once you receive this reminder.

If you have received a renewal letter, please read the terms and conditions.

Renew your garden waste subscription

What can go in your garden waste bin

  • grass cuttings and hedge trimmings
  • leave and twigs
  • cut flowers and prunings
  • Christmas trees up to 1.8m tall (6ft) can be left next to your bin following the festive period. Trees over 1.8m must be cut in half.

What cannot go in your bin

  • Japanese knot weed
  • fruit fall
  • branches over 10cm in diameter
  • soil