Recycling waste

Recycling Services

All households across the district have access to a fortnightly recycling collection using a blue wheeled bin and a separate collection of glass bottles and jars.  

What can and can't be recycled
Yes Please No Thanks
Paper - all clean dry paper Wrapping Paper - this is often heavily decorate with foil, glitter and ribbons
Tins- including biscuit Polystyrene
Cans - all drinks cans Food waste
Plastic bottles - no other plastic Plastic pots, tubs, trays and wrapping
Cardboard - including Christmas cards - but no glittered ones please

General waste

Wet cardboard

Aerosols - empty ones only please Bubble wrap

Here you can view our Householder recycling leaflet that guides you on what you can and can't recycle. 

Do you know what plastics can be recycled in your blue bin?

Watch this short video and take the test to see if you're recycling all the right plastics.

Blue recycling bin 

Recycling has never been easier!  Simply place these items clean, dry and loose in your blue bin and put out for collection by 6.30 am:

  • Plastic bottles    
  • Tins    
  • Cans    
  • Paper (Please note: Shredded paper cannot be recycled, and must go in your waste bin).    
  • Card  (dry cardboard boxes should be flattened and placed next to your blue bin for collection)  

Here you can view what else can and can't be recycled in your blue recycling bin and view useful information on understanding recycling labels

Glass Crate

Update 16/02/2023

We have received new deliveries of glass crates following a delay and will prioritise those who have already ordered one. New orders should be fulfilled within 2-4 weeks.

We apologise for the inconvenience and advise you to use your nearest bottle bank or maybe share a neighbour's box, if possible, in the meantime.

We collect all glass bottles and jars from your household in a separate green crate to your general blue recycling bin.  

Glass crate collection involves a lot of manual handling and therefore we ask you only to use boxes provided by Hart District Council and do not over fill your box to reduce risk of injury and spillage. 

You can order a new or additional glass recycling box by completing the glass box order form.

You can also buy a maroon wheeled bin for your bottles and jars if you need the space or find this easier to put out for collection for £35.00 by calling 01252 622122.

Recycling Centres and Household Waste and Recycling Centres 

The Household Waste and Recycling Centres in Hampshire are run by Hampshire County Council.

You must book an appointment to dispose of your items. Visit the Hampshire County Council waste and recycling centre website for more information.

The closest sites for our residents are:

  • Springwell Lane, Hartley Wintney
  • Wade Road, Basingstoke
  • Eelmoor Road, Farnborough

Upholstered seating disposal

New laws now require domestic upholstered seating to be disposed of differently to other waste as some items may contain a chemical substance that could cause damage to the environment when broken up.

Upholstered items such as dining chairs, armchairs, sofas, foot stools, beanbags and floor cushions can be taken to Wade Road and Eelmoor Road centres for disposal as long as they are not damaged and/or made good. However Springwell Lane does not accept this type of waste as it is a smaller site.

You can email for further advice about any item you wish to dispose of.

Any upholstered domestic seating items that you no longer wish to keep can still be passed on for reuse provided the item is not damaged (beyond minor repair) and has a fire safety label attached.