Planning for residents

All the personal information you give us when applying or commenting on planning applications will be processed in line with our Privacy Notice.

View and comment on a planning application

Current applications can be viewed online. You can see the application details, download documents, submit comments. You can also register to receive automatic emails notifying you of planning applications in your area by following this step by step guide. If you wish to make a comment this guidance may be helpful.

Statement of Community Involvement

The Council’s updated Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) for planning matters was agreed at Cabinet on 2nd September 2021. To bring us in line with the requirements of the legislation and to enable Planning Officers to make more timely decisions, we are now reverting to the statutory 21 days for comments on planning applications to be submitted on individual applications. This will allow Officers more time to reflect on the comments we receive and to provide a more responsive service.

There will be scenarios where a Case Officer uses their discretion to agree a longer timeframe for comments if residents, Parishes or other consultees are unable to comment within 21 days on a particular application.

If you have any queries regarding the updated SCI, please contact

Do I need planning permission?

Development works do not always require a planning application, minor alterations may be allowed under permitted development. If you are unsure whether a proposed development needs planning permission or not, we offer a chargeable service to check for you. You can complete our do I need planning permission online form to receive an informal response from us. 

Get advice before applying 

For comprehensive advice before submitting a planning application, we offer pre-application advice which can help to identify and overcome potential issues and speed up the application process. This may help to reduce the costs of subsequent planning applications or avoid submitting a completely unacceptable proposal. There are fees for such advice based on the nature of the proposal which you can pay online. Complete our pre-application advice online form to get started.

Please note that due to current workloads and resourcing we are unlikely to be able to review your pre-application advice request for at least 4 weeks from the date of submission.

We also offer free duty planner general advice for general householder enquiries and applications (please note we cannot advise on whether you need planning permission or not, please see the 'Do I need planning permission' section above). If you are a Hart resident and would like general advice on alterations to your home, you can contact our duty planner on 01252 774419, by emailing or visiting the council during office hours. This service only covers general householder queries and does not apply to commercial advice or new dwellings. 

Due to current workloads there may be some delays in our response to your pre-application advice request, but we will advise you if that's the case. Any potential delay will vary depending on the nature and complexity of your proposal.

Apply for planning permission

Most people now apply through our planning portal online. It’s quicker, cheaper and provides helpful guidance throughout the application process. Visit the Planning Portal to get started, or to download the form you need. You may also want to look at the relevant check list, to help you provide all the information required.

How much will it cost?

This depends on the nature of the application. Use the fee calculator or download the full list to help you understand the costs involved.

You can pay straight after applying online, alternatively you can pay online via our website. We can also take payment over the phone on 01252 774419 or you can contact us about alternative ways to pay. Larger schemes can be paid for via BACS (please include application reference number and/or site address).

Planning guidance

For a quick overview of how planning works nationally, try this guide to the planning system.

There is also additional resources that can assist communities and individuals with the planning system, these are available at Planning Aid England.

Building control

The safety of residential and commercial buildings is vital and building regulations apply to many aspects of development works. Find out more about Building control including applying, inspections and signing off of completed works to make sure you comply with the law.

Conservation areas and Listed Buildings

Development in areas of recognised character is more strictly controlled and monitored to improve the appearance of the area. Further control is applied to many Conservation Areas with Article 4 Directions which may mean that planning permission is necessary for proposed works. A Listed Building has special architectural or historic interest. Listing provides a system of control over alterations and demolitions.

Protected trees and high hedges

Trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) on them are protected by law from pruning without consent, so works need to be applied for. We also need to be informed of intended works to most trees in Conservation Areas. The Trees section within Planning is also responsible for deciding High Hedges cases. 

Local land charges

These are charges applied to a property or premises and are revealed in searches of the property when bought and sold. We offer full searches or LLC1 searches and access to our Local Land Charges Register.

Planning appeals

These are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate. An appeal can be made where planning permission has been refused, an application was granted with conditions considered inappropriate, or an application was not determined within the appropriate time.  In Enforcement matters appeals can be submitted where an Enforcement Notice has been served due to an alleged breach of planning control. 

Planning breaches

We will investigate alleged breaches of planning control; including whether a particular building or change of use has planning permission, or whether conditions on a planning permission are being complied with.

Planning Policy and Planning Committee

Decisions made on applications are informed by Hart District Council's Planning Policy. This in turn, is guided by national planning policy, guidance and legislation. The Planning Committee meets monthly to determine those applications which are not dealt with by the Head of Planning Services. Meetings are open to the public but you must register to speak at one by completing the online Public Speaking Form.

Historic planning records

If you have a query about one of the following historic documents, please email

  • Archived Planning (Scanned Microfiche) files 1949-1999
  • Committee Minutes
  • Drainage Plotting Files
  • Environmental Health Notices
  • Planning Enforcement Notices
  • Planning Plotting Sheets

How to contact Planning


Phone: 01252 774419