Arranging community events and street parties

How to arrange for temporary road closures for street parties, carnivals and other community events

Community events

To apply for a community event road closure, please complete the Safety Advisory Group application form.

An event road closure application must be made eight weeks before the event. 

Applicants must provide evidence of Public Liability Insurance cover of £10 million.

Applicants are responsible for the closure and diversion route signs.

The event organiser should consult with all residents and businesses affected by the closure and the local town or parish council. If the event is on a local bus route, the bus company must also be consulted.


Profit-making events: £2,174

Where the event is organised by a non-profit making organisation, but there is a commercial element: £343

Non-profit making events: no charge

Street parties

To apply for a street party road closure, please complete our Street Party application form.


We do not normally charge for making a road closure for a private street party.

For advice on how to organise a street party, visit the government’s street party guide and the Street Party website.