Join us at Edenbrook bike track launch

Orange tracks showing the new bike tracks on a map

Over the past month we have been busy pulling together plans for a special launch event to open the new bike tracks at Edenbrook Country Park. These will enhance the popular tracks already in place and have facilities for both beginner and experienced riders.  

Our opening event will be on Sunday, 23 June.  

As well as music and food vans we’ve arranged for a special guest to join us to open the tracks – announcement to follow! Qualified coaches will also be available to help anyone who wants to have a go and test their skills. Just to note, all those wishing to ride the tracks MUST be wearing a helmet.  

Event timings 

  • 10am: event starts
  • 10.30am: official opening
  • 3pm: event ends

Safety information

In the lead-up to the event, please stay off the tracks until all signage and fencing is removed. Using the tracks before they are ready could risk damaging them.

No dogs are allowed in the area during the event times.

The new facilities

You can find out more about the planned improvements to get a taste of what’s to come.   

The concept drawing on this page gives an idea of what to expect from this new facility. The numbers are as follows:

  • 1-9, 11-12 - series of bridges and rollers
  • 10 - new drops
  • 13 - beginners Flow Trail
  • 14 - push up track
  • 15 - wheeled sports track

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Is this page helpful?