Exciting additions to popular bike track

Series of bike tracks with grass in between

This spring a series of exciting works are planned to further enhance the popular bike tracks at Edenbrook Country Park.  

In total, one new track and three new trails will be created, exercise equipment installed and a shaded area established.

Beginners will be able to have a go on a new wheeled sports track which can be ridden on by anything with wheels, including skateboards and wheelchairs. A 100m flow trail, with a gentle slope, caters for riders on hybrid bikes, balance bikes, those with child seats on the back or those towing a small trailer.

More experienced riders can enjoy a more challenging 440m skills adventure trail and a new drops zone trail with progressive drops of 30, 60 and 90cm.

Last summer, residents and site users voted between a choice of new teen items for the area. Callisthenics come out as the top choice. Callisthenics equipment aids exercises that rely on body weight only and is suitable for both beginners as well as more advanced users. 

Councillor David Neighbour, Leader of Hart District Council, said: “We are proud of our Countryside team whose forward-thinking, vision and community work continue to deliver projects such as this. These areas are essential for residents’ health and wellbeing and do a fantastic job in encouraging them to get outside, staying healthy and active.” 

Work begins at the end of February. The current pump and jump tracks will remain open as the enhancements will be installed in new areas of the site. The Council urges everyone to stay off the new areas in development until the project is completed in May.

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