Types of affordable housing

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Affordable housing helps people who can't afford to buy homes on the open market or rent private housing.

Rented affordable housing

This includes different types and levels of rent. If you want to apply for a rented affordable property in Hart, you need to be on our housing register and apply (bid) for rented homes. These are advertised on our website each week.

Social rent 

Social rents are typically 60-65% of open market rent levels for an equivalent property. They usually don't include service charges, which may be charged on top of the rent. 

Affordable rent 

Affordable rent homes are let at below market rent, often through a housing association. The rent (including service charge) is set at up to 80% of the local market rent for an equivalent home. 

Service charges  

You may be charged a weekly/monthly service charge. This may be on top of the rent you pay or included within the rent charge, depending on the type of tenancy you hold. This is to cover costs of things such as landscaping and the upkeep of communal areas. 


Charitable organisations can provide affordable housing in the form of almshouses. These are usually houses or flats made available at affordable costs. You will have to meet certain criteria to qualify for an almshouse.

Shared ownership (part rent, part buy)

Please go to our page on low-cost home ownership.