Garden waste

New subscriptions to our garden waste service are now available but please note it will take at least 25 working days for collections to start and bins to be delivered where requested.

To sign up for a new garden waste subscription, please call our contact centre on 01252 622122 or use the garden waste online form.

If you are an existing subscriber, you can also renew your subscription online by using the garden waste online form or over the phone by calling 01252 622122. 

Please note that renewals can only be made within 4 weeks of the renewal date.


Bin and service charge costs


Cost of bin

Cost of annual service charge to be paid each year

Total first year cost inc bin and service charge

 240 Litre Garden Waste bin                            




 140 Litre Garden waste bin                                               




 Concession - 240 Litre Garden Waste bin               




Concession - 140 Litre Garden waste bin               




Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the garden waste service start?

The garden waste collection service restarted from Monday 15 June.

What will my new renewal date be due to the suspension?

All customers received a letter with their exact renewal date. The extension is based on the number of weeks the service was not operating and the number of collections missed.

I signed up to the garden waste service but haven’t yet received my container.

We have started delivery of containers to customers who signed up before the service was suspended. You should have received your container before the service re-started

Can I adjust the amount of containers I am currently signed up for when it first restarts?

You will be able to adjust the number of containers on your subscription. If you need to order containers please be aware that we may be experiencing high demand and therefore delivery may take longer than usual. Please call 01252 622122.

Will you take excess garden waste?

No, while we understand that you may have accumulated some extra garden waste, unfortunately we will not have the capacity to collect this.  We will only empty the containers you have paid to use as the rounds/vehicles only have enough capacity for these. 

What should I do with extra garden waste?

Please put this in to your container once it has been emptied ready for your next collection.  The Household waste and recycling centres at Springwell Lane, Hartley Wintney and Wade Road, Basingstoke are also now open and accept garden waste.  Please be aware that a booking system is in place to use the sites - more information on Hampshire County Council's website.

When can new customers sign up to garden waste?

Residents can sign up for new subscriptions from 3 August. Please be advised that due to high demand it may take a few weeks for all new bins to be delivered.

How do I keep informed of changes to waste and recycling services?

Please view our websites and social media channels for up to date information.  Please do not rely purely on updates from non-council websites and social media

Can I have a refund for garden waste?

Sorry no, but your subscription will be paused and then re-started when the service does so you will still receive a full year of collections for your annual service charge.

Why can’t I have a refund?

Our staff are focused on providing key and essential services and we will not have the resource to carry out refunds.  The service ‘Terms and Conditions’ state that the cost of the service is non-refundable. Although you will miss collections while the service is suspended. The number of collections to which you have subscribed will remain the same and your contract end will be changed to reflect this.

Home composting

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for your garden. It's easy to make and use.

Home composting has many benefits:

  • It’s easy to make and easy to use
  • Produces a free continual source of the very best compost
  • Improves soil structure
  • Maintains moisture
  • Helps the soil PH balance
  • Suppresses plant disease
  • Reduces the need for polluting bonfires
  • Reduces carbon emissions
  • Helps to divert organic waste from landfill
  • Reduces refuse collection costs

To encourage residents to get composting, Hart District Council has teamed up with to offer Home Compost Bins at special offer prices from only £18.50 (RRP £39). There is also a Buy One Get One Half Price Offer, adding extra value to residents with larger gardens or those who team up with a friend or neighbour to buy a bin. To see what’s available, visit or call 0844 571 4444.