Armed forces, veterans and families

Finding a job

  • Armed forces access to Jobcentre Plus

    As part of the Armed Forces Covenant, there are initiatives to help current and former armed forces personnel and their families access Jobcentre Plus services.
  • The Career Transition Partnership

    This encourages recruiters to hire former members of the armed forces. You are eligible for support for up to two years before leaving the armed forces, and up to two years after.
  • Forces Employment Charity

    This is the leading military employment charity. It helps thousands of veterans each year.
  • Lifeworks Families

    A free support service to help veterans and family members of serving armed forces personnel find a job.
  • Forces Families Jobs

    This is the go-to place for training and employment for family members of current armed forces personnel. It also helps people who have left the armed forces within the last 12 months. It supports bereaved spouses and partners for up to two years post service.