What we spend, accounts and audits

We are committed to transparency on spending

This page details members' allowances and items of spending over £500 and provides a link to our contracts register.

Please email communications@hart.gov.uk if you need any of these documents in a different format.

The list includes payments for goods and services, grants to third party providers and expenses.

Read our terms and conditions for purchase of goods and services

We have redacted certain payments (for example to private individuals) for data protection reasons. The list may not include:

  • banking investments
  • parish precepts, their share of Council Tax 
  • election staff payments
  • salary advances
  • refunds
  • member allowances 
  • payments relating to employee remuneration
  • payments relating to benefits and homelessness payments

Members' allowances

Spend over £500

These are machine-readable CSV files for use in spreadsheet software. We also include PDF versions.

Statement of accounts and audit statement




Previous years