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If you'd like to make a Freedom of Information or Environmental Information request, it must be in writing. You can use this form to submit a request. We'll provide recorded information which is held, either in hard copy or in an electronic format. The Council does not have to create new information to comply with a request.

When you complete this form, we'll:

  • acknowledge your request when we receive it
  • reply in 20 working days 
  • provide advice and assistance if you need it
  • inform you if any exemptions apply. If they do, the Council does not need to release the information.  Some exemptions can take longer than 20 days to look at so we will give you an estimate of when a decision will be made.

There is no charge for Freedom of Information or Environmental Information requests initially. If the information costs more than a certain amount to collect, we may not be able to provide it. We will let you know if this is the case.