What consultations are, open consultations, how you can respond to them and what happens next

What are consultations?

In a consultation, we ask for your views to help us understand what you think about something. 

The results help us to understand how you view our services, policies and strategies, and where we could make improvements. They also help us to understand your priorities and concerns. 

We feed the results back for consideration in the Council's decision-making process. They will be weighed against resource constraints, legislation and competing views.

Our consultations

Here we list consultations that are open, and consultations that have ended in the last six months.

Please contact us if you would like paper copies of any consultations or help with using the online consultation portal.

Please note you can read about planning consultations in the planning section of the website.

Open consultations

There are currently open consultations on the following. Please click on the title to access more information and to comment. 

Past consultations (within the last year)

  • December 2022 – we consulted on the draft Corporate Plan 2023-2027

  • May 2022 – we asked the Hart community for feedback on the Civic Quarter Regeneration

  • May 2022  we consulted on the hackney carriage tariff

Other local consultations

We don’t run these consultations. They are run by other local organisations but could affect residents and businesses within Hart.

Hampshire County Council regularly consults on issues that could affect the services it delivers to people in Hart. Information about all active consultations is on its website.