Review of polling districts and places

Give us your views about polling districts and places in Hart

Comments on the review have now closed.
All responses are being considered as per the timetable below.

We asked for comments regarding the convenience of voting at polling stations currently used for elections and welcomed suggestions for alternative sites within Hart District.

A review must be conducted between 1 October 2023 and 31 January 2025 under the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.

Please see our notice of polling district and polling station review.

Polling district and polling station review responses.

Why your views matter

The aim of this review was to:

  • make sure that no polling station has more than 2,500 in-person electors allocated to it
  • review whether polling stations are fit for purpose, and identify suitable alternatives if not
  • make sure polling stations are accessible and inclusive to all

We asked to hear from residents, political groups and organisations, including those with experience of working with residents who have accessibility concerns. If you disagreed with a polling place or station we asked for an alternative venue that you think the Council should consider, along with the reasons why you think this is a better option.

Please note that all proposals and comments received will be published and available to view on the Council’s website at the conclusion of the review.

View the current polling station structure in Hart

Review of polling districts and places timetable



Notice of review published and Commencement of formal consultation

2 October 2023

End of formal consultation

10 November 2023

Consider responses

13 November 2023

Cabinet Council meeting

26 January 2024

Conclude review

30 January 2024

Republish electoral register (if any new or amended polling districts)

1 February 2024

Scheduled elections on new polling districts, places and stations scheme

2 May 2024

What happens next?

The Council will publish all correspondence sent and received, the results of the review, and the reasons for its decisions.

Please note that the following is not considered as part of the review:

  • The changing of any district ward boundaries, which can only be done by statute following an electoral review carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission. This review is concerned only with the administrative subdivision of a ward into polling districts which are then assigned polling places.
  • The changing of polling districts in areas which are also aligned with parish boundaries and therefore cannot be amended during this review. These can only be amended during a Community Governance Review.

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Is this page helpful?
Last reviewed: 29 November 2023