Street cleaning

Hart District Council is responsible for all street cleansing operations within the District. This is a large scale operation covering an area of urban and rural roads and verges. We have a joint service with Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and we are both committed to ensuring that we have clean and tidy towns and villages for all residents and visitors to enjoy. Our belief is that all people in Hart are entitled to live and work in a safe and clean environment. We are working hard to achieve this.

We schedule the litter picking of verges and open spaces, aiming to clean littered areas at least once a week. The standards of cleanliness which must be maintained are contained within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Code of Practice for litter and refuse.

Our teams of road sweepers and litter pickers remove litter and rubbish from 6am, seven days a week throughout the district, to ensure that high levels of cleanliness are maintained. These are assisted by specialist cleansing teams, mechanical sweepers, graffiti removal teams and response units.


Fly-tipping is the term given to the illegal dumping of waste. If you have come across dumped waste please report online using 'fixmystreet'.The Council will look to prosecute when ever it is able to identify the person responsible for the fly-tipping. 

Unfortunately, many people seem to think nothing of dumping their waste in country lanes, waste ground and even alongside other people's houses. Fly-tipping involving the use of a vehicle may have serious consequences to the vehicle owner – the courts can order the seizure of the vehicle. 

We spend considerable amounts of time and money removing fly-tipped rubbish and is seeking the help of the public to prevent this problem. Should you see fly-tipping taking place, please telephone our Contact Centre on 01252 622122 giving the details of the incident and if possible, a vehicle registration number. 

If you have been issued a fly-tipping Fixed Penalty Notice and you would like to appeal or complain about it, please fill in our online form


Dropping litter is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and offenders can be fined as much as £2,500. 

As part of our efforts to keep Hart clear of litter, we are introducing Environmental Enforcement officers. Read more about our Stop It, Don't Drop It campaign.

Dead Animals

It can be upsetting to see a dead animal on the roadside, whether it is a domestic pet or a wild animal, such as a fox or a deer.

The Council’s Street care team is responsible for the removal of dead animals from the highway and public open spaces. To report a dead animal in this area please report it online. We endeavour to remove the remains within 24 hours. Please be aware that smaller animals such as squirrels, rabbits or mice would normally only be dealt with by scheduled street cleansing.

The bodies of domestic pets will be scanned for evidence of micro-chipping and, if found, we will contact the owner.  Domestic pets will be retained for a minimum of 3 months to allow for owners to collect them, should they so wish.

We log all reports of dead domestic animals that are removed, so if you are missing a family pet and suspect that it may have been involved in an accident, please ask us.

Environmental enforcement

The council would like to ensure that residents are aware of environmental issues and the actions that are taken. One of the key factors in achieving this is education with schools and colleges and working with businesses and the community.

Another essential element is the enforcement of environmental legislation.  As part of our drive to make our district a cleaner and greener environment we target offenders who commit environmental crime. Unfortunately like any area, we suffer from environmental crime and our team is working hard to prosecute the offenders who damage, spoil and pollute the community we live in.

We follow cases throughout the prosecution process, from the service of a notice to an individual or business, to performing an in-depth background check and conducting interviews under caution.

Annual report on the Street Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance Service 2014

At the last Environmental Service Board meeting last year’s performance of the Council’s Street Cleaning and Grounds Maintenance service which is operated by Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council was discussed.

The report shows improvements in both service areas including:

  • a reduction in the number of customer contacts,
  • a reduction in the number of reported fly tips,
  • an increase, from 8 to 9 in the number of grass cuts carried out annually.

Looking to the future the service has identified a number of initiatives which it is hoped will lead to further service improvements over the coming year. 

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