Who do we share your information with?

We use a range of organisations to store personal information or help deliver our services to you. This means that we need to share your personal information to make sure that you can get access to the services you need. Where we have these arrangements there is always an agreement in place to make sure that the organisation complies with data protection law.

Where necessary we may complete a Data Protection Impact Assessment before we share personal information to make sure we protect your privacy and comply with the law.

We may also share your personal information:

  • when there is a legal duty to do so
  • in order to find and stop crime and fraud
  • if there are serious risks to the public, our staff or to other professionals
  • to safeguard the protection of a child to protect adults who are thought to be at risk

For all of these reasons the risk must be serious before we can override your right to privacy.

There may also be rare occasions when the risk to others is so great that we need to share information straight away. If this is the case, we’ll make sure that we record what information we share and our reasons for doing so. We’ll let you know what we have done and why, if we think it is safe to do so.