Full plans notice

You can use a full notice for all building work. It can make things easier when work starts

A full plans notice is a system of submitting plans and details of a project to us so we can check they comply with the building regulations.

The benefit of full plans notice is that it can reduce problems when work starts on site. Once we have approved your plans, you will receive an approval notice.

You can use it for all types of building work but you must use it for certain projects with a high fire risk, such as shops and offices.

The government has changed the process for a full plans application. You now need to include on the form more people involved in the project. This includes the role of duty holders, who has to confirm they will meet the requirements set out by the Building Safety Act 2022 at the application and completion stages.

This is so that all duty holders, including owner, builder and designer, have a direct responsibility to make sure the work meets the relevant building regulations.


You will need to pay two full plans notice fees. The first fee is for checking the plans, and you must pay this when you apply. The second is an inspection fee, which you must pay after the first inspection. 

Building control fees

Apply for a full plans notice

By email

Fill in and email the full plans notice application. Once the fee is confirmed, the fee can be made on our online payment system.

By post

Fill in and print the full plans notice application and post it to us. Once the fee is confirmed, send a cheque payable to ‘Hart District Council' with your completed form. If you prefer, you can pay for it online by making a building control payment on our online payment system.

What happens next

We must decide your application within five weeks, or longer if agreed in writing in advance. We will usually approve the application, with or without requirements, but we may reject it in extreme cases.

Our aim is to check plans within 14 days and to approve them. We can only achieve this with the full and prompt co-operation of all parties involved.

When work is ready to start, you will need to let us know at least 48 hours before the actual start date. As your project progresses, we will inspect and record our visits, highlighting any issues with you.

We will agree with you when the required visits will take place. We will normally expect to see the work in person, although sometimes a photo will be OK - but please don't assume that a photo can replace a formal inspection.

While your work starts on our first visit, the formal process of commencement must be agreed between us, before you start.

The regulations state that commencement:

  • for a building extension or a new build, is when you have completed all substructure work
  • for internal alterations (including loft conversions and garage conversions), it is after you have completed 15% of the total work. You will need to agree with us what makes up 15% of the total work

Once we have completed statutory and agreed inspections to our satisfaction, we will issue a completion certificate.

You will also need to provide a completion declaration signed by all duty holders that you included in your application form. You have to do this before we can release the completion certificate.