Demolition notices

What you need to do if you want to demolish all or part of a building

If you want to demolish all, or part, of a building, you must notify us.

Fill in our demolition notice form

A fee of £225 is applicable. This work is VAT exempt. We will contact you for payment when we have received your application.

Please notify us in writing at least six weeks before the work is due to start. Demolition works should not start until either the six weeks have elapsed, or a notice is served by the Council.

Your notice of intention to demolish must specify the building it relates to, and demolition work proposed.

You must give a copy of your notice of intention to demolish to:

  • the owners of any building next to the building to be demolished
  • the gas authority, if there is a connection
  • the electricity authority, if there is a connection

What happens next

Our building control surveyors may visit the site. They will also make sure that the right people have been notified about the demolition.

If we give you approval for the demolition, we may impose certain conditions, including that you:

  • make sure there is adequate shoring, repair and weatherproofing of neighbouring buildings
  • remove rubbish and disconnect, remove or seal drainage
  • disconnect gas, electricity and water supplies
  • burn materials on site in a controlled way

Asbestos materials         

If, during demolition, you find asbestos, you should tell the Health and Safety Executive immediately. You, or your demolition contractor, will have to follow the requirements for removing and disposing of asbestos safely.

For more information, please see our page dealing with asbestos and the Health and Safety Executive's website.