Abandoned vehicles

How to report a vehicle you think might be abandoned

Before you report a vehicle to us as abandoned, please check if the vehicle is taxed on the DVLA's website.

If the vehicle is taxed, we are unlikely to be able to do anything unless it is in a dangerous condition.

You can report a vehicle as abandoned if more than one of the following criteria apply:

  • untaxed
  • no current vehicle keeper on the DVLA record
  • stationary for a significant amount of time
  • significantly damaged or unroadworthy
  • burned out
  • lacking one or more of its number plates
  • contains waste
  • is leaking fluids
  • is a danger to the public

Report an abandoned vehicle

You should try to provide us with as much information as possible about the vehicle, including:

  • make, model and colour 
  • registration number 
  • location of the vehicle, such as street name, area or postcode 
  • how long the vehicle has been there

If the abandoned vehicle you have reported to us subsequently moves, let us know to help us avoid making unnecessary visits to investigate.

You can report the issue via FixMyStreet and a report will be sent through to us.

Report an abandoned vehicle

Removing abandoned vehicles

We will make the relevant checks to ascertain whether the vehicle has been stolen and establish the current keeper. Should our investigation confirm it is abandoned, we will remove it. 

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Is this page helpful?