Spotlight on rural housing

Group of people outside a brick and wood holding a red ribbon which a man is cutting with scissors

It’s Rural Housing Week which highlights the valuable contribution that local authorities, housing associations, parish councils and other organisations make to provide affordable homes in rural communities. 

To celebrate, we’re shining a spotlight on the work we’re doing to meet the housing needs within Hart.

Our teams work hard to meet the challenges of ensuring that affordable, good quality homes are there for people who need them.

One way we do this is through Rural Exception Sites (RES). These are small-scale sites in rural communities that would not otherwise be allocated for housing and give priority to people with a local connection.

There are currently ten RES schemes across Hart, including one in North Warnborough which was completed and occupied last year, providing nine homes for rent and three for shared ownership for local people.

Hart’s Housing Strategy and Development team is currently working with parish councils and housing association partners on a potential further four RES schemes. If successful, it’s hoped that they can be delivered over the next few years to help meet the housing needs of those living within these rural communities.

Kirsty Jenkins, Executive Director for Community Services, said: “Rural Exception Housing Sites are so important as they provide affordable housing specifically for those with a local connection, local people who would ordinarily be priced out of remaining in or close to their communities.

“It enables people to remain living in an area where they currently live or work, or to return to an area where they grew up and have family connections. It also supports important rural services such as village halls, shops and pubs and transport.”

You can learn more about the delivery of rural housing in Hart by visiting our Rural and community-led housing page or by contacting the Housing Strategy and Development Team on 01252 774110 / 01252 774078.

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