Climate change progress update

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A full update on the Council’s climate change progress has been presented to Full Council. 

Overall, 37 items from the total action plan of 63 are being investigated and are currently on target, including nine live projects. 

The key highlights from the report are: 

  • Electrical charging infrastructure across Hart car parks – positive progress has been made with legal agreements and installation will be rolled out across 2024. 
  • Buildings energy efficiency – decarbonisation reports have been drafted for four of our buildings. This includes the project to investigate solar panels in the car park and a data centre as a potential heat source at Hart Leisure Centre which was the subject of a Full Council motion last July. 
  • Resident housing retrofit project – a new project is underway to support residents identify potential home energy savings and access grant funding. This includes the lending of thermal imaging cameras piloted last winter. 
  • Transport upgrades – two vehicles from Hart’s fleet have been replaced with electric alternatives and waste vehicle upgrades to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) and are on target for completion in 2024. 
  • Hart tree strategy - we are working with the Countryside team and residents on a tree strategy for Hart, to deliver the health, wildlife and climate resilience benefits afforded by good healthy tree cover. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement Group - our first Stakeholder Engagement Group met in September and again in January, with plans to continue quarterly meetings. 

Read the full climate change update.

More information about Hart’s climate change goals is available on the Climate Change section of our website.

This is the first six-monthly update and the next one will be provided in July 2024.

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