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National register of taxi licence refusals and revocations

About NR3

The Local Government Association has launched a national register of taxi and public hire vehicle licence refusals and revocations. It was developed and is now hosted by the National Anti-Fraud Network. The register is often referred to as NR3.

How councils use NR3

Until recently, there was no official way of knowing if a driver had been refused a taxi driver licence in the past or had a licence suspended or revoked. This meant a driver could potentially apply for, and receive, a licence from a local authority, which would have no way of knowing about the past refusal or revocation.

Local authorities are now encouraged to share basic information about refusals, suspensions and revocations by putting details on NR3. Before awarding a licence, they can also check if a driver has been put on the register by another authority.

Our Shared Licensing Service privacy notice explains how we share information through NR3 and the type of information held.

Read our Shared Licensing Service privacy notice

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