Scrap metal registration

You will need either a site licence or a mobile collector’s licence (or both) if you plan to trade in metals or motor salvage

A site licence lets you buy and sell scrap metal from a fixed location within Hart.

A collector’s licence allows you to travel within Hart to collect scrap metal through door-to door collections. You may not take this metal back to a site that you run within the council area to sell it.

If you collect scrap metal across a number of local authority areas, you will be expected to obtain a licence from each of those councils.

Fees and payment

View our fees list for scrap metal dealers

Pay scrap metal dealer fees


We have additional powers under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 (see related content) to refuse or revoke a licence if a dealer is considered unsuitable. Both the Council and the police can enter and inspect premises and issue closure orders.