Mobile homes, caravans, camping

How we monitor mobile home, caravan and camping sites, and how to apply for a licence

We monitor all mobile home sites in Hart to ensure they meet the conditions of the site licence. Under the Mobile Homes Act 2013, we introduced a policy for licensing of residential park home sites and fees for the licensing of mobile homes.

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Mobile homes sites licensing fees 2023/2024
Gross charge
Gross charge
(from 1 April 2024)
Initial site licence application £377 £392
Annual inspection per pitch £5 £5
Transfer of licence £188 £196
Deposit of site rules £69 £72
Fit and proper person test for site managers £269 £280

Applying for a caravan site licence

You must ensure that you are entitled to use the land as a caravan site before you apply for a site licence. If you do not have planning permission to use the land as a caravan site, then you will firstly need to contact the planning department. Once the relevant permission has been granted, you can apply for a site licence.

A licence will not be issued to anyone who has held a licence which has been revoked within the three years from the date of the new application.

Licence summary

You can apply for a new site licence or inform us of changes to your site licence by contacting the Private Sector Housing team on 01252 774420. Conditions may be attached to the licence to cover the following: restricting when caravans can be on the site for human habitation or restricting the number of caravans that can be on the site at any one time

  • controlling the types of caravans on the site
  • controlling the positioning of the caravans or regulating the use of other structures and vehicles, including tents
  • fire safety and fire fighting controls to ensure that sanitary and other facilities, services and equipment are supplied and maintained

A copy of the site licence and associated conditions should be clearly displaying on the site noticeboard.

Fit and proper person test

The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020 prohibit the use of land as a residential mobile home site unless the local authority is satisfied that the owner or manager of the site is a fit and proper person to manage the site. The purpose of the fit and proper person test is to improve the standards of park (mobile) home site management.

Local authorities are required to establish, and keep up to date, a register of persons who they are satisfied are fit and proper persons to manage a relevant protected site in their area.

View our fit and proper person register

Information for home occupiers

Should you wish to make any alteration or improvement to your park, you should seek the consent of the site owner prior to the work commencing. The site owner should approach the licensing authority for its comments. The site owner may refuse permission should the proposal result in a contravention of the site licence conditions. If you believe the site owner is unreasonably withholding consent, or you wish to make a complaint about the site or site owner, please contact the Private Sector Housing Team on 01252 774420.

The Leasehold Advisory Service has an advice line on 020 7832 2525.

Caravan and camping sites

We license camping in tents or other structures such as yurts under the Public Health Act 1936, section 269. Planning permission will be required if the land is occupied for more than 28 days.

Licence conditions mostly cover spacing issues, water supply and sanitary conditions.