Charity collections

Apply for a licence to collect money or sell items in the street for charity

When do you need a licence?

If you’re planning to collect donations for charity in Hart – on the street or door-to-door – you may need a licence.

These licences are free.

You won’t need a licence if you're collecting for charity in a store, supermarket or on private land. But you should seek permission from the store or landowner.

Who can collect for charity?

Anyone collecting for your charity must be a fit and proper person’. For example, someone recently convicted of fraud would not be considered a fit and proper person.

Important points to remember:

  • only authorised collectors can collect money
  • you must collect money in a sealed container

Please read our policy on charity collections

How to apply

Street collections

Please apply for a licence at least one month before your collection is due to take place. You can’t begin your collection until you receive your licence.

Your licence will say when and where you can collect. For example, you won’t be allowed to collect in the same town more than once in any three-month period.

We can refuse to issue a licence for reasons such as:

  • a potential clash with other scheduled activities in the district
  • a potential clash with another charity collection
  • the applicant’s conduct during previous charity collections

By law, you can't appeal against the refusal of a street collection licence, although you may ask the High Court to review the decision.

You need to submit a return form within one month of the last collection date. This should state how much has been collected and what expenses have been deducted.


These collections are regulated by the House to House Collections Act 1939. House-to-house collectors are people calling at houses asking for donations at the door. 

It is an offence to make house-to-house collections without the necessary permissions, and/or to breach our house-to-house collection regulations (see related content).

Please apply for permission to carry out a house-to-house collection at least one month before the proposed date of the collection.

To avoid disappointment, you can make a provisional booking for your  preferred collection dates before applying for your licence. Please contact us using the details on this page.